independence day of tanganyika

    independence day of tanganyika
    independence day of tanganyika

    9th December independence day of tanganyika This day the end of the British rule in tanganyika was that all tanganyika people celebrate on this day

    It is also considered the national day of tanganyika tanganyika people celebrate this day with speech parade and flags

    In 1498, first timeVasco da Gama had visited the  tanganyika, then World War 1 started and tanganyika’s rule came under British rule.

    In 1954, the political movement began in tanganyika, after which the rule of tanganyika under the leadership of the place was given to the people but still tanganyika was not completely free

    Tanganyika got independence from the British rule on December 9, 1961, and became the first Prime Minister Julius, then a year later tanganyika became a republic

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